High performance Five Star Teams program

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Advancer consulted with Kapiche, a fast-growing customer experience company based in Brisbane.

Kapiche had recently expanded its workforce by 30% and wanted to involve all its staff in a strategic program that maximized the potential and growth of all staff.

Advancer proposed that Kapiche undertake the Five Star Teams program.  The program saw the staff gain a thorough understanding of themselves and each other using the Belbin team roles methodology; develop a creative and future-focused team that is aligned to Kapiche’s strategic vision and establish robust frameworks and processes designed to facilitate a high-performance culture.

After the Kapiche team undertook the Five Star Teams program, assets developed including comprehensive role descriptions that established role clarity and alignment to Kapiche’s strategic vision; agreement on the desired culture of the business; an accountability framework that encourages creativity, innovation and risk-taking within acceptable boundaries and a team commitment regarding communication and collaboration.

  • Client:Kapiche