Innovation sessions, automation & strategic HR workshops

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Advancer consulted with DoseMe in Brisbane and facilitated innovation sessions, automation and strategic HR workshops that looked at the ways to enhance their people and culture opportunities through the streamlining of technology automation. This was in consideration of DoseMe’s rapid international business growth and expansion in mind.

Our digital and strategy consultants worked closely with the DoseMe leadership team reviewing their strategic growth plans, digital plans, technology stack and marketing vision.

We then engaged with the DoseMe staff through workshops, one-on-one consulting sessions and online surveys for in-depth consulting and analysis.

The Advancer team developed a customised report on future culture and technology platform integration opportunities that will enhance DoseMe’s collaboration and business growth internationally. The report’s recommendations included the implementation of carefully chosen technology and automation platform software for employee engagement and customer relationship management.

For the CRM component, Advancer recommended a change across to and for automation and integration of systems and platforms

Slack was recommend and chosen to scale the business (to 70% coverage). Slack was used with AI bot connectors including Gmail and HR bots and Zapier connections too.

Advancer also engaged our strategic partners Reload Media to assist with training and to run an InfusionSoft automated marketing session with the DoseMe marketing team.

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