Our flexible & customisable way of how we work

1. Discovery

This initial meeting takes place face-to-face or over the phone and is designed to gather the outline and details of your requirements.

2. Proposal

Presentation of the broader engagement proposal and specific methodology. We’ll provide you a fixed price plus include any options. The proposal presentation normally occurs to management and the board.

3. Research

Comprehensive business research, human factors analysis, market surveys and other studies. May include staff surveys, personality testing, talent audits, current state data, new markets, customer journeys/personas plus digital marketing and much more.

4. Workshops

Strategy workshops with various stakeholders, blue sky thinking and innovation, people and culture workshops including teaming and capability sessions and sprint initiation sessions. Both onsite and offsite as required.

5. Quick Wins

Internal and external testing of quick wins across the business, people and digital pillars. These are presented to key stakeholders that are often pain points that result from opportunity scans and relate to the specific alignment of the business & people tests from the project vision.

6. Action Learning

Actions to be undertaken back in the workplace by participants are identified and prioritized with a view to achieving maximum effectiveness.

7. Trusted Advisory

Coordination of specific strategy and innovation initiatives managed in collaboration with you. Ongoing mentoring in key areas provided as part of the Advancer work program.

8. Partner Introductions

Introductions into our well developed business, people and digital partner network drawn from many sectors including technology, finance & capital, IT, legal, marketing, digital and more.

9. Workforce Mentoring

Ongoing mentoring for teams, staff member coaching and workforce planning, leadership, teaming and culture projects for your long term people & culture success.

10. Review

A comprehensive feedback loop that includes project success measurement and project discovery for new business, people and digital innovation projects.