Digital Strategy

Digital strategy that will transform your organisation.

Advancer have 20 years experience in leading SME & enterprise wide digital strategy, change and development.

At Advancer we provide trusted digital strategy, change management solutions and supplier recommendations that allow our clients to get on with their business operations.

We’ve built leading international web design, digital marketing, strategy and development agencies showcasing global growth for our clients and as the founders of Reload Consulting we utilise their experienced team to develop and implement great digital strategy. 


What is Digital Strategy?

The area of Digital Strategy is gaining momentum as more businesses realise the need to invest in digital technology and the smart businesses understand the importance of investing in strategy first.

Digital Strategy considers the ‘big picture’, looking at how a business can be transformed through strategic application of digital technology across its various departments.

The Digital Strategy sets the direction. It considers why the business wants to invest in digital and what objectives are driving the change, it examines who will be involved in or impacted by the change, and it addresses what the business needs to do in order to achieve these objectives. Once the strategy has been established, a plan can then be developed for how this will be done.

Why is Digital Strategy Important?

More businesses are struggling to remain competitive in the digital age, which is why having a Digital Strategy is more important than it has ever been.

  • It provides a clear overarching direction and ensures that all key stakeholders are bought-in, in agreement, and ‘know the play’.
  • It ties the business’ objectives key activities that will help make them a reality.
  • It provides a birdseye view to better see the ‘big picture’ and identify opportunities.
  • It leads to improvements in operational efficiencies and reduction of costs.
  • It enables competitive advantage through more tailored and strategic positioning and messaging.

How we do it

We help companies find the essential ingredients to their digital strategy and then recommend innovative tactics that focus on their business and market growth. All the while streamlining these digital plans around their customer’s online experience as well as their business goals and values.

It’s also about people

Digital strategy involves more than technology and platforms. At Advancer we understand that to have an effective digital strategy, the customer experience needs to be top of mind. And when it comes to delivering a great digital roadmap to your customers, your employee’s buy in and engagement with your digital strategy needs to be part of this journey.

Our Approach to Digital Strategy

A Digital Strategy informs significant changes and investments, and so it is crucial that the right steps be taken to ensure you get it right the first time. Our approach is flexible to work in with your team, processes, and requirements. However, typically we work with our clients through the following framework.

  1. Current State Analysis
    We must first understand where you are starting from, to inform where to go.
  2. Goals and Objectives
    What is the ideal state that you want to get to and how will you know when you get there?
  3. Purpose
    Why do you want to get there?
  4. Stakeholder Analysis
    Who are your stakeholders (internal and external)? What are their needs and expectations?
  5. Target Market Analysis
    Who is your audience and what do they need?
  6. Strategy Development
    What do you have to do to get to where you want to go?
  7. Tactical Plan
    How are you going to do what you have to do?
  8. Action Plan
    How are you going to manage the change?
  9. KPIs and Targets
    How are you going to measure success?
  10. Timeline and Budgets
    What are the execution timeframes and expected costs?

How We Can Help

We can work with you on a complete Digital Transformation Strategy project, or can work with you on smaller scale projects that help your business grow in the digital age. We tailor our approach to each business’ unique requirements, however, common ways that we help include:

  • Digital Transformation Strategy
    When you are looking to invest in digital technology across your business, including marketing, sales and customer service, operations and processes, and more. These are big-scale projects that can often run for 6-12 months, as they often require a certain level of internal engagement, customer research, and in-depth analysis to inform the strategy.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
    When you want to leverage digital technology specifically to optimise and enhance your marketing efforts. A Digital Marketing Strategy follows a similar framework but on a much smaller scale, still considering the big picture but with a narrow focus. It considers your business and marketing objectives, what you need to do from a digital marketing perspective, and how you will do it.
  • Website Strategy
    When you are looking to redevelop your website and want to ensure the new site is strategically optimised to deliver on your customers’ needs, provide a positive user experience, and achieve your conversion goals. The Website Strategy provides a blueprint for the functional and layout requirements of the website, to inform the developers through the design and development stages.
  • Email Marketing and Automation Strategy
    When you want to develop or improve your business’ email marketing and automation activities. This goes beyond basic email implementation and looks at database structures, database segmentation, development of trigger based automation, best practice guidelines, and more.
  • Ecommerce Ecosystem Strategy
    When you want to improve and optimise processes for your ecommerce business. This looks at the tools and processes currently in place, identifies areas to streamline and improve, and maps out a plan to implement the recommended changes for greater efficiency (i.e. through better integration, more suitable tools, etc.).